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Lightest Electric Power Wheelchair with Lithium Battery

Price:US$1,138.99 - Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair Mobility Scooter, Aviation Travel Safe Motorized Electric Wheelchair Mobility Aid Only 50 lbs Holds 365 lbs, Scooter de mobilité de fauteuil roulant électrique, coffre-fort de voyage d'aviation motorisé, Vespa de la movilidad de la silla de ruedas de la energía eléctrica, caja fuerte de la aviación motorizaktrischer Rollstuhl-Mobilitäts-Roller, Luftfahrt-Reise sicher motorisi              
1. Electromagnetic brakes, stop when you let go, safe and reliable.
2. Rechargeable lithium battery with anti-theft lock and removable charging
3. Powerful dual motor 500W power, stronger slope ability.
4. Bigger rear tires, stronger gradeability.
5. Shock absorption design, comfortable and safe, climbing greatly reduces bumps.
6. Intelligent universal remote control, easy to operate, anti-jamming.
7. Removable and washable independent cushion, comfortable and unimaginable.
8. Convenient and easy to bring, you can get on the plane, and easy to put into car boot, You can move it like carrying a luggage.
9. Suitable for using in travel, outdoor, office, supermarket, school, hospital, restaurant,etc.


MaterialAluminium Alloy
Maximum Speed8 km/h
Climbing Angle0~13°
Battery13A, 24V
Battery Max Mileage13-15KM
Charge Time3-6 hours
Front Wheel Diameter8 Inches
Rear Wheel Diameter12 Inches
Brake SystemElectromagnetic Brake

Package Included:
1 X Power Adapter

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