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iMotor kit for any 26 inch Bicycle, Panasonic Lithium Battery, app monitors in reel-time

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iMortor 26 inch MT1.9 3 In 1 Intelligence Bicycle Wheel Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Battery and Control System Mountain Bike Road Bike Leisure Bike App Control Adjustable Speed Mode

Market Price: $599 
Brand: iMotor
Material: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Hub
Use Position: Front Wheel of Bicycle
Net Weight: 5kg
Thumb Shifter: Five-star Acceleration Dial
Applicable Models: Any 26in Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Leisure Bike
Battery: 36V 230wh Panasonic Power Lithium Battery
Motor: 36V 240W Permanent MagnetBrushless DC Motor
Control Drive: FOC Intelligent Drive Controller for Depth Customization

No.    Type Suitable for Bicyle Models    
001 Black Disc Brake Wheel Set    Mountain Bike
002 Black 2 V Brake Wheel Set Road Bike, Leisure Bike

Apply to all mechanical braking system, and automatic detection of deceleration, intelligent intervention of electronic brake.

The app monitors your riding status in reel-time.
The battery charges your phone with its built in USB port.
Battery is easily detachable for charging your phone and for being charged.

Patent pending 3 in 1 driving wheel.
Your bike transforms to smart E-bike in 1 minute.
Motor ,battery and control system, al comes in one wheel.
Suitable for any 26in mountain bike road bike and leisure bike.
Package includes:

1 x Bicyle Wheel 
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Hexagon Bar Wrench
1 x Wrench
1 x Battery Bag
1 x Lead Line
2 x Nut
2 x Flat Washer
2 x Spring Washer 
1 x Phone Holder
2 x Nut Protection Sleeve
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Outdoor Display:

Installation Tutorial:
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Micro Cască wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 HD, iOS / Android, acumulator lithium polymer

69.00 lei, micro, cască, wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, HD, casca bluetooth pret, casca bluetooth samsung, casti bluetooth ieftine, casti bluetooth stereo, casti bluetooth altex, casca bluetooth plantronics, casti audio bluetooth, casca bluetooth iphone, micro casti bluetooth 4.0, micro casca wireless pret 69.00 lei, preturi casti wireless
      Micro Cască wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 HD, iOS / Android

Technology: bluetooth 4.0
Radio frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz
Audio output: 35mW, <15mA
Transmission range: <10 m
Charging Power: input AC 110-240V; output DC 5V
Charging time: 2 hours
Talk time: 5 hours
Music play: 4 hours
Standby time: 120 hours
Wearing styles: In-Ear mini headphones
Battery: 50mA rechargeable lithium battery
Size: 3* 1.8* 15cm
Weight: 8.5g

Compatiable with: iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, samsung galaxy S serial cellpones, samsung galaxy note serial cellphones, ipad 2 3 4 ipad mini 5, samsung galaxy tab note tablet pc 6, Xiaomi ,Huawei and etc.
Function:For Mobile Phone, Sport, Common Headphone, Microphone, Supports music, Voice control, for Video Game, Noise Cancelling, Wireless Headphone, Portable, HiFi Headphone, For iPod, Bluetooth
Support APP:Yes
Plug Type:Wireless
Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
With Microphone:Yes
Style:Ear Hook
Package: 1 x headphone, 1 x charging cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Original box

                                             Pret vechi: 88.00 lei / Pret redus 69.00 lei

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New - Mi Smart Electric Scooter Xiaomi M365, Super Light, LG 18650 lithium-ion battery pack

new Xiaomi MiJia, Electric Scooter, Xiaomi M365, price electric scooter Xiaomi, specs, photo, shop online, Intelligent BMS Double Brake System, Load 100kg Skateboard Hoverboard Balancing Scooter, With stylish appearance, ultralight weight and decent performance, this electric scooter gains its popularity at the beginning of the listed, 18650 lithium-ion battery pack
Mi Smart Electric Scooter Xiaomi

Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter

Dear friends, a new preference for you! Xiaomi released its M365 electric scooter recently. Boasting a unique folding design, Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has been made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weighs 12.5kg. Further, it adopts advanced E - ABS braking system, kinetic energy recovery system, cruise control system and intelligent BMS system. Smart and practical, as well as beautiful, you will love it!
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Main Features:
- The electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. The front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear wheel uses mechanical disk brake. The braking distance can be shortened to 4 meters, making your riding much safer
- Powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with a battery capacity of 280Wh and offering an overlong cruising distance of 30km
- It adopts intelligent BMS battery management system. You can know the battery conditions through the APP downloaded in your mobile phone
- 6 protection functions: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, low-voltage protection, and temperature anomaly protection
- Kinetic energy recovery system. The electric scooter has a kinetic energy recovery system that converts kinetic energy into electric energy and offers a better battery life
- Smart APP. It can track your cycling habits, riding speed, battery life, etc.
- There are 4 LED lights displaying the battery capacity, which is easy to know the power quantity
- 3 seconds quick folding design, stable and convenient 

- Model: M365
- Material: aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
- Wheel size: 8.5 inch inflatable tire 
- Motor size: 6.7 inch 
- Maximum torque: 16N.m
- Maximum speed: 25km/h ( common mode ), 18km/h ( energy-saving mode ) 
- Cruising distance: 30km
- Braking system: front E-ABS anti-lock system, rear mechanical disk brake
- Rated motor power: 250W
- Maximum motor power: 500W
- Battery pack power: 280Wh
- Climbing gradient: approx 14 degree 
- Waterproof grade: IP54
- Pedal ground clearance: 87.5mm
- Max load: 100kg
- Charger rated power: 71W
- Charger input voltage: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
- Battery limited voltage: 42V
- Charging time: 5.5 hours 
- Standard power consumption: 1.1kWh per 100km
- Unfolding size: 108 x 43 x 114cm 
- Folding size: 108 x 43 x 49cm
- Net weight: 12.5kg

Brand: Xiaomi 
Type: Electric Kick Scooter 
Model Number: M365 
For: Office Workers,Teenagers 
Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Color: Black,White 
Folding: Yes

Battery: 18650 lithium-ion battery pack 
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight): Above 20km 
Maximum Mileage: 30km 
Maximum Speed: 25km/h 
Max Payload: 100kg 
Light: Front Lamp,Tail Light 
Permissible Gradient (depends on your weight): 10-15 degree 
Braking Distance: 4 meters 
Battery Capacity: 280Wh 
Motor Rated Power: 250W 
Charging time: 5.5 Hours 
Pedal Ground Clearance (no weight bearing): 87.5mm

Product weight: 12.500 kg 
Package weight: 13.050 kg 
Product size: 108.00 x 43.00 x 49.00 cm / 42.52 x 16.93 x 19.29 inches 
Package size: 110.00 x 45.00 x 50.00 cm / 43.31 x 17.72 x 19.69 inches

Super Light Xiaomi Folding electric bike

Xiaomi M365 IP54 is one of the electric scooters unveiled recently by Xiaomi. It is the latest iteration of this Chinese Company’s electric scooters. At only 15 KG this is one light fully electric scooter. In this article, we are going to give you a general overview of what it offers.

Ultra Light and tough

Designed from aluminum alloy, simmilar to that used in aircraft structures such as the fuselage and wings. The material has good mechanical properties and is as resistant to moisture, and other corrosive elements on the road. The Xiaomi M365 will wipe clean and keep its smooth finish for many years.


It has small hard wheels of about 8.5 inches which are suitable for cement, asphalt pavement, flat soil pavement, and paved roads. These wheels also work well on small steps and channels or grating not more than 3 centimeters.

Motor and Battery Performance

This latest model has a range of 30km when carrying a 100kg rider thanks to its LG high output 18650 power lithium batteries and a rechargeable 500 Watts motor. Just like other electric scooters, you can plug in the charger on any power plug to recharge the scooter.

Maximum Speed

The power produced by these two components can push the scooter up to 25km/h when the scooter is in normal mode and 18km/h when it is in the energy-saving mode.
Controling the M365 is simple ad inititivie with a single push accellerator on the right handle bar.

Color, Weight, And Size

The company announced that Xiaomi M365 IP54 electric scooter will be available in two color options: Black and White. When it comes to weight, it weighs 12.5kg so it is going to be one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. 
The folded size measures 1080mm by 430mm by 490mm while the unfolded size measures 1080mm by 430mm by 1140mm.

Regenerative breaking.

Similar to some electric cars, the Xiaomi M365 IP54 has regenerative breaking technology that extends the battery life. When you break it takes that energy and converts it back to electricity to recharge the battery.
The scooter features KERS regenerative brakes which are fitted in both wheels. Regular brake disc’s also provide strong braking power when you need a quick change in speed. These features combine to ensure that the scooter stops quickly and is safer when riding at higher speed.

Smartphone app

Another interesting feature with Xiaomi M365 IP54 electric scooter is the Smartphone app. This application can help the rider get correct information about battery charge, current speed, range and other important info. For instance, it monitors the battery charge and notifies the rider immediately if there is recharging required or something wrong.

Lighting System

The lighting system includes a bottom electric quantity indicator light which shows green when the scooter is in the energy saving mode and white when in the common mode. There are also 4 LED power indicators.

The sample will be coming to the officesoon for a hands on test.

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Smartphones batteries, Fast Charger Wireless, for Cell Phones, BlitzWolf® new BW-FWC1, 13.99 USD

wireless charger, fast charger wireless, new BW-FWC1, BlitzWolf® BW-FWC1, for Cell Phones, Smartphones, price 13.99 usd, free shipping worldwide, fast charger for For Samsung Galaxy Note 7/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge +/S6 Active,  Galaxy Note 5, Google Nexus 4/5/6, Nokia Lumia 1520/930/928/920/830/735, Lumia 950/950XL, HTC 8X (US version), Droid DNA, Thunderbold, Moto Maxx, Droid Turbo 2/Turbo/Mini, Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch, LG Optimus 2/G/G pro, SONY Xperia Z4v/Z3V, BlackBerry Z30, Classic
The BW-FWC1 supports them all
The BW-FWC1 supports a lot of devices including almost all the mobile phones with wireless charging , smart watches as well as tablets. We will release it sooner than you can imagine, stay tuned for new information.

Why you should move to wireless?

Wireless charging is today’s trend many big names in the smart gadgets business  are pushing it in their products. Wireless charging helps to solve the cable compatibility issues as well as eliminating the overuse of cables and that can damage the phones connector. On top of that, many other manufacturers in the health and home electronics fields are moving to wireless charging too.

                                Free shipping worldwide

Compactness mixed with stunning aesthetics

The BW-FWC1 wireless charger will have a very small form factor. It’s 9cm in diameter and 15mm thick. Weighing only just 95 grams it is really light and ideal for travel, office, and home. Our designers have done a great job with perfecting the look. The BW-FWC1 will complement your desk with a stunning circular form factor, topped with  a stunning leather finished active charging area and surrounded by a modernistic metal finished ring.

Why Double the power if we can triple it with BW-FWC1

The  BW-FWC1  wireless charger will deliver up to 1.3 Amps of power, which is enough to rapidly charge your smartphone. On top of that, you don’t have to 100 percent perfectly aligned it, it only needs to be 10 mm close.
Development team has announced today the soon release of our new wireless charger . The BW-FWC1 BW wireless charger is a game changer. Although wireless chargers have been out there for a long time, many phone users weren’t happy with them. Which influenced some manufacturers to remove wireless charging from their new models. But, with the latest wireless charging standard, many manufacturers changed their mind.
Wireless chargers used to be either bulky or  in cheap plastic form. On top of that, they weren’t as good as they should have been, in other words, they were slow charging at only with 200 ma – 500 ma . Your smartphone would take hours to charge. Besides that, it would have to be aligned perfectly for the charger to work. We changed all of that.
Safe and Sturdy Design:
Lightweight, compact and easily portable.Hidden blue LED power indicator.Contains internal protection mechanisms.Its protection function for over-current,overheat, short circuit and over-voltage,ensures the safety of charging.
Compatible with a variety of different models:
Support Qi standard devices and other mobile devices.
For Samsung Galaxy Note 7/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge +/S6 Active, Galaxy Note 5
For Google Nexus 4/5/6
For Nokia Lumia 1520/930/928/920/830/735, Lumia 950/950XL
For HTC 8X (US version), Droid DNA, Thunderbold
For Moto Maxx, Droid Turbo 2/Turbo/Mini, Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch
For LG Optimus 2/G/G pro
For SONY Xperia Z4v/Z3V
For BlackBerry Z30, Classic