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Acumulator 12V 7Ah Lithium LiFePo4

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Nominal Voltage 12.8
Capacity (amp hours) 7AH
Charge Voltage 14.4V to 14.6V
Max charge / discharge current 7A (amps)
Length 5.8"
Width 2.0"
Height 3.75"
Weight 1.8 lbs.
Type LiFePO4

Knowledge Base:

Smaller Battery Bank: In some cases you can use less than half the amount of batteries as your lead battery bank while keeping the same amount of usable energy. Smart Battery 12V Lithium Ion Batteries allow you to safely use 100% of the rated capacity without reducing the life or performance of the battery. Lead batteries are typically only recommended to drain down 50% and lose additional power from heat loss when drawing high amps, in some cases the lead battery may only give you 35% of the rated capacity. 

Automatic Built In Battery Protection: Every Smart Battery Lithium Ion Battery comes with a built in battery protection system. The BPS will automatically disconnect power if the battery voltage drop below 8V protecting the cells from low voltage damage. The battery will automatically reconnect when you turn on your charger. The BPS also protects from over voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity and provides balancing to keep your Smart Battery at peak performance for the life of the battery

No Voltage Drop: Lithium Ion Batteries are best known for holding higher voltage throughout the entire charge cycle. This provides a consistent voltage level to electronics, inverters and when starting your motor. That means your electronics will perform more accurately, Inverters will run more efficiently and your engine will crank over up to 25% faster than with your lead batteries. 

70% Less Weight: On average Smart Battery 12V Lithium Ion Batteries are 70% Lighter than equal size lead batteries. 

Long Cycle Life: Smart Battery Deep Cycle Batteries can last up to 5000 cycles. After 2000 cycles our batteries maintain 80% of the rated capacity. In some cases you would have to replace a lead battery up to 25 times to equal the same life as 1 Smart Battery.

Faster Recharging: Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries can be recharged in as little as 1 hour. Unlike lead batteries that lose power while charging due to heat loss, A Smart Battery is 99.1% efficient and will absorb nearly all of the power from your charger saving you time and money. 

No Memory: Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries can be discharged and recharged from any level. There is no memory effect and it is recommended to keep your Smart Battery topped off after each use. 

Long Shelf Life: A Smart Battery can maintain a full charge for over 1 year. Lithium Ion Batteries are dry cell batteries and do not have liquids that cause chemical reactions and evaporate losing power month after month. With a Smart Battery virtually no power is lost while the battery is not in use. 

Safe & Green: Smart Battery 12V Lithium Ion Batteries are a safe green alternative from lead acid batteries. Each cell has several layers of safety and protection. Review our "Cell Safety Sheet" for more information. Additionally the battery features an advanced internal battery protection system that protects the cells and your investment. Our Lithium Ion Batteries are ROHS compliant and contain no toxic lead or acid. Manufacturing and recycling of lead acid batteries is hazardous and creates millions of tons of waste every year. Reduce your carbon footprint and switch to Long Life Lithium Ion Batteries that are a safe green alternative to lead batteries.

No Venting or gassing: Smart Battery Lithium Ion Batteries do not vent or produce toxic gases. This prevents the need for special battery boxes or vents. 

No Leaking: Smart Batteries are dry batteries and do not leak acid or other toxic chemicals.

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