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Acumulator 12V 2.4Ah Ultracell stationar VRLA

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Acumulator stationar Ultracell 12V 2.4Ah

Dimensiuni:178mm x 35mm x 61mm
Disponibilitate:In Stoc 
Garanție12 luni

Accumulators especially studied for the security, the radio commands and the significant currents (alarms, etc). These accumulators have the advantage of being tight and without maintenance (gelled electrolyte). The nominal voltage of a lead accumulator is 2 volts per element. The refill of a lead accumulator is carried out with a current whose tension must be constant and who should not exceed 2,3V by element, at a temperature of 20°C. The lead accumulators should never remain or stored discharged: the minimal tension should not fall below 1,75V by element if not the accumulator will suffer irreversible damage (for example, a battery 12V ÃH, which is found with a tension of 7V, will be able neither to take any more, nor to hold the load). Not to use of battery charger of car to reload these batteries 12V because that would destroy them. In the case of a continuous use, these batteries have one lifespan from 3 to 5 years. We recommend a replacement every 3 years even if they still appear in good condition.

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